From Edinburgh airport to the city centre

The airport is situated 12 kilometres (8 miles) from the city centre with several straightforward ways to travel into central Edinburgh. Edinburgh Airport’s address for GPS users is Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EH12 9DN. edinburghairport

With so many people travelling to Edinburgh throughout the year, it is probably just as well there are plenty of transport options available to us. Take your pick from flying in, driving in, jumping aboard a train (-in) or all of the above. Whether you prefer your travel to be done the scenic way, the cheapest way, the least time-consuming way or the most ecology saving way, getting to Edinburgh is packed with more options than the coffee menu board at Starbucks.

Having chosen to fly into Edinburgh, you will need to think about getting across from the airport, from the edge of town and into the city centre – this equates to an half hour journey (give or take). Bus, taxi or hiring a car…which is to be?

Hop on a bus!

Getting to and from the airport by bus is generally the most economical means (especially if you are on your own or even if there is just the two of you). Jump aboard the Airlink 100 express bus via the bus stop found within easy reach just outside of the Arrivals Hall. A single ticket is a bargain at £3.50 or for a return it costs a mere £6. Bus tickets are either purchased on the bus itself or at the Tourist Information desk within the Arrivals Hall. shuttle1

Bear in mind, the Airlink 100 leaves the airport for the city centre every ten minutes from 04.45am till midnight. The last stop is at Waverley Bridge (a really good central spot to climb off at). Situated outside Waverley Railway Station, it is a stone’s throw from Princes Street, the Botanical Gardens and the Royal Mile.

For the return trip, the bus leaves Waverley Bridge from 4.20am every day. For a stress free return, allow plenty of time to get to the airport. A traffic free journey (only in an ideal world!) will use up at least thirty minutes.

Other bus services into the city centre include the Edinburgh Shuttle. Offering a service of a comfy seven seat minibus ride to anywhere within its ‘City Centre zone’, and runs throughout the day on a ten to fifteen minute turnaround. These brightly coloured buses charge £8 per person with reductions to this price for passengers heading for the same destination. This service can be booked online with payment taken at the time of booking.


I recommend a taxi into and around the city centre! Though not always the cheapest form (it can set you back about fifteen pounds) of transport to the city centre, this, at times can be the most useful mode of transport in Edinburgh (especially if you are not very good at steep slope climbing and please don’t talk to me about those stairways up to the Old Town). The uses of taxis are numerous. One brilliant thing about taxi drivers, is that they need little encouragement to don the mantle of unofficial tour guide. Get them talking and by the time you arrive at your destination, you will have established the best restaurants to spend your first evening in the Edinburgh as well as the places to avoid like the plague.

Look out for the airport’s three taxi ranks. One can be found just out in front of the airport Arrivals Hall, another at the short stay car park and there is one next to the coach park. If in a hurry and pushing for time, (to be on the safe side) you need to allow twenty five minutes for your journey into the city centre.taxi1

There is good news in store for wheelchair users visiting the city too. Due to a greater proportion of taxis being wheelchair accessible, there are no long waits for rides into the city centre. Taxis are your best bet if you’re cutting it fine for pressing appointments and those festival show times!

Pitfalls of driving during the Edinburgh Festival!

With parking spaces in Edinburgh at a premium, driving is not the most popular form of transport. We tried it once during festival August and accumulated a handful of parking tickets! Never again! However, if you do find yourself driving from the airport to Edinburgh city centre, you will need to follow the A8, (the airport exit is located halfway between the Newbridge and Gogar roundabouts).