Three cheers for the street performers!

Edinburgh is packed with talent inside and outside the venues. If you didn’t book up for a single thing, the street performers will keep you entertained throughout the festival. Never failing to cultivate a lively crowd, these talented entertainers are world class. Hailing from many international locations, these street performers are flawless entertainers and we are so lucky to have them.

Every Summer, the streets of Edinburgh are alive with the sound of lovely happy festival loving people. Big ones, small ones, ones that move about a lot to ones who don’t move at all looking like one of ‘Auld Reekie’s’ many statues. Competing for attention on many a street corner are the tattoo cloaked fire throwers, the ever ubiquitous flyer throwers and the bonfire kebab swallowing flame throwers .These very talented entertainers, vying for an audience and lighting up the grey streets of the Royal Mile are the backbone of the Edinburgh Festival. Coming from a diversity of origins far and wide they utilize every single inch of Scotland’s festival city centre. For the price of a well earned round of applause and a small gratuity, this is festival entertainment at its best.