Edinburgh International Film Festival

Europe’s longest running film festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival was to set the silver screens alight in the month of June instead of taking its usual slot in August. Would it turn out to be a huge success or a resounding flop? The 2008 Edinburgh International Film Festival removed of the usual August festival commotion, I’m glad to say, went on to be a resounding success. Box office figures were up 5% on 2007 proving the film festival can stand on its own two feet and doesn’t need to rely on large volumes already visiting the city to fill its auditoriums. Good news film fans, the new June EIFF date seems to be jolly well here to stay!

The new date that was set to hit the avid film festival goer’s calendar and one of the UK’s greenest festivals, was the 18th June. 2008 marks the festival’s 62nd year in the running in Scotland’s beautiful capital city as, once again, it throws open its doors to the Edinburgh International Film Festival. A festival that grows in stature every year, the EIFF took place in Edinburgh outside of the usual August festival events. It was hoped the new dates would relieve the film festival of the limitations from a densely packed summer season programme. Out on its own in June, the EIFF’s exposure was expected to be boosted and that it was to be afforded the space to grow.

While, it has to be mentioned, falling outside of the main festival, EIFF audiences and participants no doubt missed out on the Edinburgh Festival’s famous ubiquitous entertainment, there are the positives to look to. Outside of the Festival season, at least accommodation will not be so hard to track down or that it isn’t so staggeringly expensive once you do. Did the film festival miss out on the usual festival atmosphere? In my opinion, Edinburgh is where to be ANY TIME of the year, bursting with energy and things going on, so worry not on that score!