‘Fringe Sunday’ at the Meadows

Don’t miss ‘Fringe Sunday’ at the Meadows, Edinburgh. Set to take the box offices of the Edinburgh Fringe by storm, it is set for Sunday August 10th 2008. There are no tickets for this event and what is more, it is free of charge! A brilliant annual event - long may it live!

My favourite day throughout the whole of the Fringe is that of the second Sunday of the Edinburgh Festival. The Meadows, situated within walking distance south of the city centre, is usually a public park but on ‘Festival Sunday’ it becomes alive with the sound of revelling festival goers! It is on this day it becomes transformed into platforms for the talented from musicians to sword swallowers. Also here, you’ll find many conjurers, market stalls armed with refreshments and those all important promotional show tents.

Pick a tent and take a seat! You have entered the realm of the show promo. This is when you get to sample the hundreds of the acts set to hit the stages of Edinburgh throughout the festival. A five minute sample of what is to come is the best way for shows to promote their performances and a great opportunity for them to try to stand out from the crowd. Watch in amazement as artistes leap onto the stage, perform for their lives and exit with equal enthusiasm. You will be left reeling in the crazy aftermath!

Don’t miss ‘Fringe Sunday’! It is good fun, you’ll have a much better idea of what tickles your fancy and what shows to book up. This event is guaranteed to leave you BEGGING for more!