Fringe 2010

Edinburgh 2010 has arrived! As the cosmopolitan city of Edinburgh opens its doors to us once more here’s what’s hot this summer. fringeprogramme

Once again Edinburgh rolls out its annual red carpet, and once again, like a pack of ravenous hounds we can’t wait to feast our eager eyes on those 2010 previews!

Every year I am amazed at the treats in store. Upon first impressions, it seems that once again our senses will be treated to a cultural pampering. Not only does this great city outstretch its hospitable arms to us (the legions of Fringe goers) every year, it manages to lay on a pretty decent show too. In addition to a packed programme of entertainment including about two thousand plays, comedy shows and gigs, we have the wonderful exhibitions laid on by the National Galleries of Scotland to look forward to!

No need to miss out on the latest shows and the special offers as long as we are armed with our iPhones this year!

This is brilliant news for those of us who like to pack as much activity into our Fringe itineraries as humanly possible. This fantastic gizmo is brought to us by Loc8 Solutions in partnership with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and what is more, it is absolutely free!

If you fancy hooking your iPhone up to this really useful app you will not be disappointed for the benefits are numerous! Features of the Fringe 2010 app include checking on special offers as they come in from the Half Price Fringe Hut, compiling a festival diary, never getting lost again thanks to your venue navigator and special show browsing capability.

Thanks to iPhone, there’s no need to hunt down the Internet café for you can now have the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere. streetperformers

Last but not least, don’t forget to save yourself lots of money by using the Fringe’s Half-Price Hut. Located on the Mound (near the National Galleries), the Hut is the place to be when reduced price tickets are up for grabs. In addition there are opportunities to take advantage of last minute promotions and particularly great for buying those morning show tickets the evening before at cut price.

Happy fringing!

Edinburgh from the skies

“Edinburgh’s coastline is a thing of beauty and never does it look so good as  when it is viewed from the sky.  As lovely as it is I couldn’t wait to land and to begin another break in Edinburgh.
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Edinburgh Pass

How to enjoy all the top sights of the city without spending a king’s ransom.  

Getting around Edinburgh and seeing all the sights need not put a strain on your purse. Thanks to the excellent Edinburgh Pass, not only will you have free admission to many of the best tourist attractions in Scotland, you will [...]


A taxi driver (or cabbie) is the internet on wheels…only slightly more up to date. He or she is a mine of information. If you are new to town, you could do worse than jumping into a taxi, sitting back and enjoying the views as your driver spells out a few home truths.

What the [...]

The Impressionists Gardens

An artistic interlude in Edinburgh…

As Edinburgh prepares to roll out the annual red carpet, we Fringe goers (like a pack of ravenous hounds) can’t wait to feast our eager eyes on the 2010 previews!
Every year I am amazed at the treats in store. Upon first impressions, it seems that once again our senses will [...]

We love you, Sarah Millican!

We all love Sarah Millican! Ever since she burst onto our screens on the ‘Live at the Apollo’ show our faith in the BBC has been renewed.

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Book Festival 2010

Aren’t books great?
A mighty festival within an even mightier festival is that of Edinburgh’s 2010 Book Festival at Charlotte Street Gardens. This is somewhere to escape the chaos and adrenalin of the Fringe with a shot of tranquillity and sanity in an otherwise insanity fuelled event.
The book event of the year runs from 14 – [...]

Edinburgh Festival 2010 - an affair to remember?

As the remnants of the last flyer is peeled away from its single hinged toilet door and the last of the stand-up comedy acts has been packed into a box marked ‘return to sender’, next year’s performers at various locations around the world are brainstorming new show ideas!
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Crackers for the King of Cheese !

Well done, Mr Tim Vine, for scooping the best joke prize of the Edinburgh Fringe 2010! Sadly, you don’t tend to hear too much cheesy humour these days, but lucky for us, flying that particular flag for us cheddar-worshipping Festival-goers…I give you the master, Mister Tim Vine!
How true it is that you can’t beat a [...]