A taxi driver (or cabbie) is the internet on wheels…only slightly more up to date. He or she is a mine of information. If you are new to town, you could do worse than jumping into a taxi, sitting back and enjoying the views as your driver spells out a few home truths.


What the guide books fail to mention, is how beneficial a taxi ride into the city centre can be. When you jump into a cab, always go armed with pen and pad and a swift and practised shorthand technique for all that your taxi driver is about to offer you is gold. He is the gateway to your new world. They are the ones who have their eyes and ears open to the merits of certain eateries, places to stay, districts, everything. They tend to be more up to date than the guide books and even the world wide web too! Next time you decide to follow the advice of the guide book and save money aboard a double decker bus on a single ticket at a cut price rate, give a thought to the amazing introduction to Edinburgh (or any city come to that) that comes free of charge on top of a taxi ride into town.