Crackers for the King of Cheese !


Well done, Mr Tim Vine, for scooping the best joke prize of the Edinburgh Fringe 2010! Sadly, you don’t tend to hear too much cheesy humour these days, but lucky for us, flying that particular flag for us cheddar-worshipping Festival-goers…I give you the master, Mister Tim Vine!

How true it is that you can’t beat a good comedy show at the Edinburgh fringe! Comedy, in all its shapes and sizes, that offers a good laugh offers good value for money! And looking back on this past year, don’t we all deserve a good old laugh!?!

Thank goodness for Tim Vine and all those old-fashioned, groan in your chair jokes! I love them! We all love them!

What a festival it was this year with so many of our comedians selling out their shows. At the Fringe it is increasingly true to say ‘there’s no business like the business of comedy’ as 35% of shows this year were in deed those of the comedic variety. With so many of the two and a half thousand shows put on this year failing to draw in full houses, do comedy shows offer the key to success? Can you ever have such a thing as too much comedy?

Comedy shows are amassing vast numbers of the festival-going public with offers of free drinks as well as comedians. Just the Tonic at the Caves offers amazing value and two shows a night throughout much of the festival. We just can’t get enough stand-up gigs, can we?!

This year’s comedy tickets were hot property with our favourites Sarah Millican and Tim Vine in poll position. It was Tim who won this year’s joke of the festival award with the showstopper “I’ve just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what…never again.”