We love you, Sarah Millican!

We all love Sarah Millican! Ever since she burst onto our screens on the ‘Live at the Apollo’ show our faith in the BBC has been renewed.


But what is it that we love about her apart from her thoroughly likeable persona and that girl next door vibe that she has going on? She won’t let you down! I’ve seen her act several times and she doesn’t just wheel out the same material; there is always something new going on in her life (whether her thoughts or her personal experiences) that (thank god!) she wants to share with us.

I read recently that she said she couldn’t write an autobiography because there is nothing left to tell. Her material is her autobiography and what an amazingly fearless way to tell her story! I take my hat off to anyone who can do stand-up and faithfully throw myself into the back row at comedy gigs to hide from the limelight (as many do, but it’s a good job it’s not a trait everyone shares with me or in many cases, there would be no show!) Sarah Millican is so good at her craft that she makes it look easy!

Book those Sarah Millican tickets today! Last year, Rhod Gilbert (whom I also love) sold out before I could prise my credit card out of the wallet so make sure this doesn’t happen to you! The last I heard, they were selling like hot cakes.

Sarah Millican is appearing at The Stand Comedy Club 4th-31st August.

Check Sarah out on her website www.sarahmillican.co.uk